2022: A New Life in The Golden Triangle


2022: A new life in the Golden Triangle. A time of change that breeds excitement waiting to be discovered, perhaps a new life in the golden triangle is where you are destined to be in 2022.

A life-changing New Year’s Resolution

With the start of a calendar year, comes new year’s resolutions. We promise ourselves that things are going to change; we are going to drink less alcohol, go to the gym, or give up a bad habit, but by the time February rolls around it’s business as usual and our best intentions fall by the wayside.

But, this year you may have decided on a bigger life change, stepping out of your comfort zone and beginning your adventure into the ultimate New Year’s resolution – moving abroad!

The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams and with 195 countries in the world and c.785,000 British citizens residing in European locations, the lure of living abroad has proved to be too hard to resist for many.

We may be biased, but Portugal is certainly one destination that cannot be ignored. Moving abroad and becoming an expat is a dream that soon could become reality, especially if you require a sumptuous lifestyle – there’s nowhere better than Quinta Do Lago, Vale Do Lobo, and Vilamoura.

2022: A New Life in The Golden Triangle

With great change, comes great reward

Moving countries and leaving everything you once knew behind is one of the biggest life changes you could ever make. However, the reward of high-quality living and the benefits of warm temperatures, year-round sunshine, security, and cachet of living in a well-maintained community from Spring through to Winter.

Buyers, sellers, and other real estate agents we speak to have found that their priorities have changed during COVID-19. With many of us locked down in our homes for considerable amounts of time, the moment we were set free once more, it enabled us to plan the life we crave. For many, this meant that it was time to stop talking and start putting well-made plans into action and making the most of life.

While Quinta Do Lago, Vale Do Lobo and Vilamoura are popular retirement hotspots for those looking for sunshine and relaxation in later life, this part of the world also favors young professionals and families with children who simply have aspirations to be successful and enjoy the quality of life on offer.

Furthermore, with the new normal allowing young adults to work from home, it’s become ever more possible to work from any location in the world – as long as you are connected to the World Wide Web and your laptop is in the cool shade, of course.

2022: A New Life in The Golden Triangle

How will COVID-19 impact a new life abroad?

While recent events might have put dreams of leaving the UK or other European countries on hold, it’s likely many more people will again be looking at the Algarve as the destination of choice.

On the whole, Portugal has become one of the leading countries for Covid-19 vaccinations with almost the entire population now vaccinated or awaiting their next dose respectively. Locals are welcoming expats and worldwide holidaymakers who arrive for a temporary fix of sun, sea, and sand. All the while keeping a safe, sensible distance with a high level of respect maintained throughout.

How can I facilitate my plans abroad?

This is a playground for the wealthy jetsetters who are looking for something more permanent and willing to open their eyes to the fabulous culture and way of living the Algarve possesses.

If you are in the consideration stage of a new life in the golden triangle, it’s important to have enough money saved up to cover your living costs before potentially acquiring a new job or a comfortable way of living. It is sensible to plan eight to nine months for financial stability and budget your new set-up abroad. Monthly income, quality of life, property-to-income ratio, healthcare facilities, and post-retirement life are all things to consider depending on your requirements.

2022: A New Life in The Golden Triangle

Choosing the right property to call home

So, if you are planning a move in 2022, there are some important things to consider before you jump on the next available flight. Nonetheless, a fabulous adventure awaits when the time is right.

Regency Luxury Property can help with the next steps in your property purchase and subsequent move abroad this year.

Whether you are looking at buying a holiday home or purchasing a property for rental profit gain, we work with established local and international Real Estate agents, ensuring you have access to the vast majority of the finest Villas and statement properties currently on the property market.

Our focus is on our clients and providing an exceptional level of personal care, guidance and carefully considered professional advice as and when you require it.

If you have considered living in Quinta Do Lago, Vale Do Lobo, and Vilamoura please don’t hesitate to contact us for further details, prices, and availability. 2022: A new life in the Golden Triangle awaits!