Americans Dream of Portuguese Beaches


Americans Dream of Portuguese beaches or the new American Dream. Hundreds of Americans are moving to Portugal, now more than ever. The disillusionment with their home country paired with the newfound ability to work with no boundaries has seen many Americans making a bold move to change their lives by moving to Portugal, the Algarve in particular.

A warm welcome awaits

The Algarve in the South of Portugal boasts miles of super-clean beaches, and palm trees and looks very similar to the California coast. When you add the abundance of fresh foods to tantalise your taste buds, the friendliness of the Portuguese people, and the abundance of expat opportunities, it’s no wonder many Americans have found a new place to live and call home.

 6 more great reasons to make the move.

  1. A great climate with all-year-round outdoor living, a beautiful coastline, and historic cities to explore.
  2. Access to private and state-provided healthcare for all citizens and residents
  3. Favorable exchange rates.
  4. Golden Visas, D7 visas, and the new Digital Nomad visas (available depending on your situation).
  5. Portugal is rated as one of the safest places to live in the world* and has great international schools if you’re a family looking to move.

*In 2022 Portugal appears number 6 on the list of the safest countries in the world, according to the Global Peace Index (GPI).

  1. Portugal has become a hub for digital nomads with constant progression in the technological industries and favorable time differences.
Americans Dream of Portuguese Beaches

The new American dream!

Take the first step in making your move to the Algarve, contact us today and we’ll take a detailed brief of specifically what you’re looking for – an apartment, villa, or plot of land to design your dream home.

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Beyond finding you your dream home, we can refer you to both lawyers and accountants, who will best advise you and make your move to the Algarve a smooth process and transition, for a happier and safer life for you and your family.

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