Beauty Is In The Eye of October.


Beauty is in the eye of October. Here on the luxury coast of The Algarve, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. With the months counting down to winter time and dare we say it, Christmas, the Autumn season is often forgotten when you think of living out the rest of your days abroad.

But as residents will testify; unrivalled beauty is in the eye of October.

After more than 18 months of being isolated in our homes, sacrificing family time and our overall freedom. One thing we certainly don’t take for granted anymore is the beauty that our world provides.

Breathtaking regions such as Quinta Do Lago, Vale Do Lobo and Vilamoura provide the perfect backdrop of golden beaches and year-round sunshine. However, there are more sights and sounds for you to discover from surrounding areas that might just have the beautiful eye of October winking at you for some attention…

Ria Formosa Natural Park

Beauty is in the eye of October.

Commonly known for being one of Portugal’s seven natural wonders, Ria Formosa never fails to disappoint for its natural beauty and remote setting.

One of the best ways to appreciate local Portuguese culture and Ria Formosa in all its finery is by boat. You will be in good company and experience small fishing communities earning their living, supplying local restaurants with fresh catches in the saltwater lagoons and waterways that flow through Faro in the west and into Tavira in the east.

With local scenic tours on offer, you can get up close and experience rare wildlife such as the Purple Swamphen and colourful flamingos, as well as explore the golden Ilha Deserta beach (the deserted island) and The Cabo de Santa Maria.

Many species of birds and saltwater aquatic life call this place home. Ria Formosa is considered an important bird area (IBA). More than 20,000 birds have the same idea as a plethora of holidaymakers as they descend here during the winter season.

Portuguese Vineyards

Beauty is in the eye of October.

You may associate wine tasting as a European delicacy from countries such as France, Greece, Italy or Spain. However, the Algarve’s emergence as a key player in the making of wine has grown in popularity, home to over one million acres of vineyards.

Situated throughout the Golden Triangle, local vineyards are always an enjoyable, easy and fairly cost-effective alternative. The locals may even join you in enjoying popping a cork, with the Portuguese consuming around 43.7 litres of wine per capita – great minds drink alike!

Many Brits who look to set up a new life in the Golden Triangle are keen to understand and experience the native grape varieties that are carefully hand-picked to this day. Locals are passionate about staying true to their heritage and continuing the trend of being the most renowned producers of all types, colours and flavours of wine in the world – cheers to that!

Immaculate Golf Courses

Beauty is in the eye of October.

While you may already be accustomed to the popularity of the sport here in Algarve, you might not know just how many luxury courses are available to you.

Prestigious Algarve courses situated within Quinta do Lago, Vale do Lobo and Vilamoura have helped the region win the Best Golf Destination in continental Europe multiple years running in the ‘Annual Travel Awards’.

  • Quinta do Lago Golf Courses
    • Quinta do Lago Laranjal Golf Course
    • San Lorenzo Club
    • Clube do Golfe da Quinta do Lago
    • Quinta do Lago Country Club
    • Four Seasons Fairways
    • Pinheiros Altos Golf Course
  • Vale Do Lobo’s courses:
  • Vilamoura’s courses:
    • Pine Cliffs Golf Course
    • Victoria Golf Course
    • Millennium Dom Pedro Golf Course
    • Residence Golf Club
    • Dom Pedro Old Course Golf Club
    • Villa Sol Golf Club House
    • Pinhal Golf Course
    • Dom Pedro Golf Course

The high density of courses makes it a massively popular golf destination, along with the value for money – Golfers love to make the most of every square meter, as long as it’s not near the pond of course…

Golf-driven real estate communities have consistently been the top living choices for retirees who are looking for a new, relaxing life in Portugal. Whether you are a fan of the game or not, you cannot deny the plethora of ample green spaces that are always aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Luxury Real Estate Property for Sale

Vale do Lobo luxury villa for sale

There is always plenty to keep you occupied in your new life in warmer climates. The benefit of living in a life of luxury, under an umbrella of continuous sunshine may leave some of us dreaming of paradise. Nonetheless, the opportunity for you to experience for yourself might be too hard to turn down…

With that in mind,  the value of the real estate in the Quinta do Lago and Vale Do Lobo resorts is only rising due to their ever-increasing popularity.

The art of buying property abroad comes with care – our team’s reputation has been built on trust and high-class service, ensuring our clients receive the best properties to view, matching their unique requirements.

Our Real Estate Consultants’ expertise in the local area alongside our partnerships with established local and international real estate agents ensure you have easy access to the finest Villas and statement properties currently on the property market within Quinta Do Lago, Vale Do Lobo and Vilamoura.

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