Building Your Dream Home in the Algarve


Building Your Dream Home in the Algarve. Are you in search of an exceptional home that perfectly embodies the allure of the Algarve’s Golden Triangle? You’ve come to the right place. Regency Luxury Property specializes in the renowned Golden Triangle area, a prime location for extraordinary luxury real estate. The region is known for its captivating landscapes, upscale destinations, and vibrant real estate market that captures the charm of Portugal.

Nestled along the stunning coastline, the Golden Triangle encompasses the prestigious destinations of Vilamoura, Quinta do Lago, and Vale do Lobo. These upscale locations are celebrated for their natural beauty, world-class golf courses, pristine beaches, and sophisticated lifestyle. The demand for unique properties within this exclusive region is constantly flourishing, attracting elite buyers from around the world.

Behind the breathtaking homes that grace the Golden Triangle, there’s a team of local architects who strive to turn dreams into architectural masterpieces. These talented designers possess an intimate knowledge of the region, understanding its aesthetics, cultural context, and environmental considerations. With their commitment to innovation and sustainability, they create residences that blend seamlessly with the surroundings while reflecting the luxurious lifestyle that the Golden Triangle represents.

In this month’s blog, Regency Luxury Property shares some of the notable names that focus on the area and introduce you to their unique style:

Building Your Dream Home in the Algarve

Core Architects

Core Architects​ is ​a boutique architecture firm that provides a holistic, integrated approach to real estate design and project management. Building with and within nature, the Core team leverages its expertise in green technology, with a deep appreciation for aesthetics and well-being, investing in real estate that promotes the health of its residents and the environment alike. Based in the Algarve, Portugal, and having completed over 50 projects in green design construction and interior architecture across Europe, the Core team works with private clients and hotel operators to develop mixed-use real estate, including villas and eco-resorts.

Anabela Macieira, the CEO and Founder of Core Architects cultivated a passion for sustainable architecture since completing her degree in architecture in Germany, in 1997. She went on to found her first architectural firm, working on a diverse portfolio including the first-ever Feng Shui, green preschool in Germany. Since moving back to her place of birth in the Algarve, Portugal, in 2010, ​Anabela focused on bringing her knowledge of sustainable architecture, low-energy building technologies, and Feng Shui to a country where the sun shines 1,860 hours per year.

Building Your Dream Home in the Algarve

Vasco Vieira

Vasco Vieira Arquitectos, an esteemed architecture firm, showcases a diverse portfolio ranging from individual villas to expansive eco-resorts encompassing hotels, restaurants, spas, and commercial structures. Having previously worked within the renowned Vale do Lobo resort, where his talent earned him the roles of Chief Architect and Construction Director, before then establishing his own popular practice in 2003. The firm swiftly gained recognition for its architectural excellence, with Vasco himself being honored as one of the world’s top 10 architects by Homes Overseas Magazine. Over the years the team has continued to receive numerous awards for their innovative and imaginative designs, which through the masterful blend of traditional elements and contemporary aesthetics, has earned him a prominent reputation as a visionary Portuguese architect, creating opulent and cohesive spaces that always radiate sophistication.

Jutta Hoehn

JSH Algarve showcases the seamless integration of glamour and sustainable architecture in all of their projects. Embracing a diverse range of design approaches, they employ both high-tech energy-saving solutions and traditional building methods utilizing local materials. Each personalized architectural project brings together the extraordinary experience of being close to nature while enjoying unparalleled comfort, exceptional design, and environmental consciousness. Reflecting the unique ideas, wishes, and budget of every client, these home designs become truly distinctive. Whether it’s constructing a dream home from scratch or revitalizing an existing Algarve property for living, vacationing, or investment purposes, the JSH Algarve team collaborates closely to transform both the interior and exterior. With their extensive expertise and long-standing relationships, they allow clients to relish in the gratifying experience of witnessing their dream home become a reality.

Building Your Dream Home in the Algarve

Jaime Coutinho

Jaime Coutinho, the visionary architect behind JCA, is dedicated to providing architectural designs that harmonize with diverse lifestyles. With a keen understanding of the importance of client input, Jaime focuses on capturing his customers’ unique references, wishes, and expectations throughout the design process- immersing himself in the client’s world of experiences, so he can craft remarkable and enduring landmarks in their homes. Whether embracing traditional or contemporary aesthetics, Jaime’s ultimate priority is creating a bespoke project that perfectly aligns with the client’s specific vision. With Jaime Coutinho at the helm, JCA delivers exceptional architectural designs that seamlessly blend style, functionality, and the individuality of each client’s lifestyle.

João Cabrita

João Cabrita Lda is a distinguished architectural studio located in Quinta do Lago. Made up of a talented and innovative team of professionals specializing in architecture, engineering, and project management, they are dedicated to crafting exceptional and one-of-a-kind projects. With over two decades of experience in the industry, João Cabrita established JCA Atelier in 2011 with a contemporary business approach that integrates cutting-edge technology and methodology. His primary focus is to meet and exceed his client expectations, ensuring their satisfaction while embracing the humanization of architecture across all aspects. He prides himself in constantly pushing his own boundaries, driven by the pursuit of sublime beauty with his team’s mindset being centered around designing inventive concepts and creating remarkable spaces that fulfill our clients’ needs and aspirations while using the seamless fusion of art and science, to transform ideas into reality, transcending a mere process into tangible results.

At Regency Luxury Property, we understand the importance of finding a home that completely aligns with your unique preferences and desires. With our extensive portfolio of luxurious properties in the Golden Triangle (including our “unlisted” private portfolio), and our close relationships with many of the top architects in the Algarve, we can help you explore the options of creating your dream home. Our expert team is dedicated to providing personalized assistance, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience from initial search to final purchase. So get in touch with us today to begin the journey of finding your dream home, whether it is an existing property that needs tweaking, a complete redesign, or even a plot of land for your dream build, we are here to help!